About ReacType

ReacType is a prototyping tool that allows users to visualize their application architecture dynamically, employing a drag-and-drop canvas display and a real-time component code preview. The user can create components and drag instances of these components and HTML elements onto the canvas. This architecture can then be published on a dashboard and exported as TypeScript files to be used as a starter template for any repository. The dashboard displays the user’s saved templates and published ReacType templates, providing a social platform where templates can be liked, commented on, and imported directly into the user’s canvas.

What is ReacType?

Download ReacType

Ctrl + click the ReacType icon in Applications folder and select 'Open' from the context menu to run the app.

* This extra step is necessary since we have not obtained an Apple developer license yet. *

Install the application by running ReacType Setup 6.0.0.exe.

Coming Soon!


Compatibility With Next.js and Gatsby.js

Prototype React components compatible with Gatsby.js and Next.js applications to take advantage of server-side rendering and other features of these popular frameworks

Interactive Dashboard

Collaborate with others through the new interactive dashboard

D3 Visualization

View dynamically created components/HTML elements in the component tree