About ReacType

ReacType is a prototyping tool that allows the user to visualize their application architecture dynamically, employing a drag-and-drop canvas display and a real-time component code preview. The user can create components and drag instances of these components, as well as HTML elements, onto the canvas. This architecture can then be exported as TypeScript files to be used as a starter template for any repository.

What is ReacType?

Download ReacType

Ctrl + click the ReacType icon in Applications folder and select 'Open' from the context menu to run the app.

* This extra step is necessary since we have not obtained an Apple developer license yet. *

Install the application by running ReacType Setup 5.0.0.exe.

Run the application as a super user in order to read and write files.


Compatibility With Next.js and Gatsby.js

Prototype React components compatible with Gatsby.js and Next.js applications to take advantage of server-side rendering and other features of these popular frameworks

Dark Mode

Modernized and cleaner UI, including enhanced dark mode for improved user experience

D3 Visualization

View dynamically created components/HTML elements in the component tree